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Textile and Garment Business Department
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The Textile and Garment Business Department consists of 8 subsidiary enterprises including Chinatex Raw Materials International Trading Corporation (Chinatex Raw Materials), Chinatex International Apparel Co., Ltd. (Chinatex International), Chinatex Oriental Trading Corporation (Chinatex Oriental), Chinatex Knitwear Trading Co., Ltd. (Chinatex Knitwear), Zhucheng Chinatex G-Way Textiles Co., Ltd. (Chinatex G-Way), Zhucheng Chinatex Sunrise Textiles Co., Ltd. (Chinatex Sunrise), Zhejiang Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Chinatex Chunjiang).

The main responsibility of the Textile and Garment Business Department includes discharging the core responsibilities of budget, operation, risk control, functional management, etc. , also incldudes performing functions as decision-making of major issues , supervision and coordination of different works for the subordinate enterprises.